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Batman (and Catwoman) in The Long Night is a short fan game based on a small part of The Long Halloween comic issue and a bit of the classic Batman games dynamics. As Batman, you will infiltrate a mafia boss manor in order to solve a case that could result in a mob war in Gotham.


  • WASD for moving around
  • Mouse for moving the camera
  • Left click for throwing some punches!

This is an end-of-term assignment I got from art school in which we had to redesign a comic book character (and their sidekicks) in designated themes. In my case, I chose Film Noire for the pairing of Batman and Catwoman (went with a classic). And besides redesigning them, we had to make them game-ready and make a short game or just showcase them with basic locomotion inside a world using Unreal Engine 4.

Even coming up with a name was totally optional, but I decided to give it a twist, haha.

Which means this is just a demo game I'm sharing with everyone to bring a little fun to your day. Can be played fairly quickly and the music is quite fun to listen to while punching the bad guys.


If you would like to make some awesome mini games with me, fill free to contact me and we will see how to make it work! 





  • All my professors, teacher assistants and classmates at school (Vanarts)
  • Carlos Carbone for his support and patience teaching me the programming part.


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this game is dead or live?

Hello! I appreciate so much how many people have looked and tried this game like you. This game was a concept for an assignment in my art school, so there's no further development or updates, just what's in this demo. But feel free to check other games and their development where I have worked on too at https://teststudiosgames.itch.io/ 


So nice I played it twice. Batman likes the drums.


As a quick little showcase this was really well done. Music was great to punch along with and the models looked great. I hope you find others to make a really good game with. Well done... :)


This was cool short little game man